Dec 07

Hopping on the Nino Karotta 260Z Bandwagon

It’s Friday and what better way to close out the week than being yet another car blog to drool over the ridiculousness of Nino Karotta’s 1974 260Z ?

Hit the jump for more of what you know you want.

It seems like all the cool car blogs have been profiling Nino Karotta’s ’74 260Z, so being the cool guys that we are I thought we should also jump on the bandwagon. ¬†Of course the reason everyone is so addicted to this car is because it’s perhaps the most amazing 260Z on the planet.

Of course Nino being a contemporary enthusiast has a YouTube channel which all of you should check out.


Nino Karotta 260z


Nino Karotta 260Z


Nino Karotta 260Z


Here’s a quick overview of the car and the first start up.

For a more detailed look at the car check out MotoIQ and Speedhunters.