Dec 05

2015 Mustang is all new

2015 MustangThe big news today is the official release of Ford’s 2015 Mustang.  As is tradition their press-kit contains very little hard information about the all new Mustang but we can guess at a few things.  Hit the jump for a handful of pictures and some propaganda filled Ford boilerplate.

2015 MustangWithout a lot of hard data on the 2015 Mustang it’s hard to draw a lot of conclusions.  It should be a few hundred pounds lighter, which is good and there are rumors of a monstrous twin turbo V8 in it’s future but for now we have only two major topics to discuss.

First and most groundbreaking is the fact that the 2015 Mustang will  now have an independent rear suspension.  Baring the limited production Cobra R, independent suspension is a first for the Mustang and it is sure to cause controversy among the Mustang’s current live axle fans.  I suspect quite a bit of the potential weight loss can be attributed to the new rear suspension design.

2015 MustangThe 2015 Mustang will also be offered with a 2.3l turbocharged Ecoboost four cylinder.  Offered as an upgrade over the base model’s V6 the Ecoboost Mustang will feature more horsepower and torque as well as better fuel mileage than the V6.  It’s unlikely that the SVO designation will return, ala the quirky top dog Mustang from the early 80s, but the tuning potential of a modern turbo four is intriguing.  If the Ecoboost Mustang is lighter than the V8 and has similar power potential it could very well become the Mustang of choice for road racing enthusiasts.

For the official press information about the 2015 Mustang check out the PDF below.

[gview file=”http://www.infinitegarage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/ford-mustang-marks-50-years-with-all-new-sleek-design-innovativ.pdf”]