Aug 29

New Viper vs C7 Corvette Stingray

Some feuds are just legendary: Cardinals and Cubs, Hatfields and McCoys, me vs cookies and cream ice cream. The stories are so woven in our legend that we know they will never be resolved. That is the story with the Dodge, er SRT Viper vs The Chevy Corvette. The two have been at each others throats since the Viper came on to the scene in the early 90s. With a new Corvette in town it was time once again to see who is on top.


Now we’d love to do this comparison ourselves and if there is a gracious new Viper owner and C7 Vette owner out there that wants to lends us each for a day we’d do that, but since that seems unlikely and we are somewhere around the 300th most important media outlet on Chevy and Chrysler’s list we will have to turn to the fine videoes at Edmunds for this one. So you might be asking what happened? Well let’s just say the results are surprising given the price difference of the two cars. So hit the jump for the full on video.

So the result? Well I think the new Corvette Stingray is the greatest car of my generation and I think this video backs up that claim.