Feb 29

NHTSA wants to mandate backup cameras in cars

In what seems like a never ending stream of government mandates for our cars the NHTSA has decided we all need back up cameras in our cars. People backing up and killing people account for 200 deaths a year in America, or about the same as people trying to asphyxiate themselves while jerking off. Adding cameras to new cars would run the price up about $200 bucks, then when run through our wonderful system of capitalism where everything is marked up to the max would probably really cost you about a million dollars per new vehicle. Ok I’m obviously not taking this very seriously because at this point these mandates are just a freaking joke. So we all have to pay an extra $200 when we buy our next new car because 200 people a year are too damn stupid to look behind them before backing up? Awesome. I can’t help think there are bigger fish to tackle out there in the public safety arena. Especially when it comes to cars. What this boils down to is some Senators relative owns a company that makes these cameras and he’s going to get rich off this. I’m sure, that’s what it always boils down to in America.

I’m sorry if this all sounds a bit jaded and a little more political then we want to be here at Infinite-Garage but the last thing we need are more rules when it comes to our cars. LEAVE OUR CARS ALONE!!!!