Feb 04

Plymouth Savoy Super Stock for sale on ebay

For sale articles aren’t normally our thing but occasionally something really cool and really special comes along. That’s the case with this Plymouth Savoy. You may be thinking what is so special about the Plymouth Savoy? If this were just any Savoy it would be a neat old car and nothing would be terribly special about it. However this is not just any Savoy. This is a Super Stock Savoy and the first one shipped with a manual transmission.
savoy 2
Super Stock means big go fast goodies. The “Max Wedge” came full on race ready with:
* Forged aluminum high dome pistons
* New head with larger diameter intake and exhaust valves and a racing valvetrain
* .500 lift cam with 300 degrees of duration and mechanical lifters
* Aluminum short ram/cross ram intake system with two carter AFB 525 cfm four barrel carburetors
* Pair of free flowing cast iron headers
* T-85 HD Borg Warner transmission
* Three inch “Laker” cut outs
* Super Stock rear springs
* Sure-Grip rear axle
* Heavy Duty drum brakes

Not your ordinary Savoy indeed.


The ebay listing has tons of photos and the complete history of the car. I suggest heading over there and checking it out. Plus if you feel a bit spendy today you might as well buy it and add it to your collection.

Source: Ebay with a special thanks to Dennis of the WHDOW for point this out to me.