Aug 03

Real Racing 2 for Android review

Bruce Springsteen once sang “when the strip shuts down we run em in the street.” Well in my older and wiser years I’ve replaced the street with a video games. Of course there is a long history of cool racing video games from Pole Position, to Gran Turismo, and of course Forza Motorsports. Until recently though if you wanted to game on your phone you only had some side scrollers or you could get an emulator which rarely translates well to mobile phone. However now you have a choice on your Android powered phone with Real Racers 2. Real Racers 2 will cost you 99 cents which is a good deal for all that you get and while it’s not perfect by a long shot it’s pretty fun.

You’ll start out RR2 buying your first car. Your choices are limited here but it will only be temporary as there are 30 cars to choose from in the game. You can set off and race in career mode, quick race, or you can tinker with your car. Customization options are limited to paint and a few add on parts like exhaust, brakes, tires, ect. While these options are of course no where near as in depth as say Forza you wouldn’t expect it to be on the phone. I will say though it is much more in depth then Gran Turismo PSP which has no customization.

Customization aside you’ll get a nice selection of tracks (15 in all) that are all beautifully done and fun to drive. From tight and twisty to more grand prix style tracks you get enough of a selection to keep you racing for a long time to come. Career mode features a tier level progression with 89 races in all. Plenty to keep your racing.

The controls of RR2 are simple, you title the phone left or right to turn left or right, if you choose to do your own breaking and accelerating there will be buttons on the screen for you to do that. Braking and accelerating can be tricky but over all the controls are well done for a phone.

Visually the game is stunning, as I mentioned earlier the tracks look great. The environments really draw you in and each track has it’s own interesting and unique characteristics. The cars also look fantastic and just like their real life counterparts. The sounds are ok, but what can you expect on a mobile device when the sounds on consoles and computer games are still not great.

So there you have it, if you are looking for a cheap fun mobile racing game this is it. For .99 cents you just can’t go wrong here. Real Racers 2 is available now on a variety of mobile devices.