May 07

Review of Adam’s Total Interior Cleaner

The quest for the perfect car care products seem never ending and that is because there is always a latest and greatest. Today’s attempt at finding that is from a company I have held in high regard for a very long time, Adam’s. So when a new product is released I try generally take notice and give it a go. Adam’s Total Interior Detailer was no exception. I saw they were offering an introductory kit and I jumped on it to try it out.

Adam's TID
Full disclosure, I paid full on retail for Adam’s Total Interior Detailer and I intend to give it the best unbiased review possible. Although I am a long time customer of Adam’s I have no affiliation with them and would not put the reputation of Infinite Garage at risk which myself and my crew have put a huge amount of effort into building. So what follows is an honest unbiased review.

What exactly is this new fandangled Total Interior Detailer? Well straight from the Adam’s website

“Clean and Dress Interior Surfaces In One Easy Step UV Protection for Your Dash, Door Panels, Leather, Etc. Special Odor Neutralizers Kill Unwanted Smells Anti-Static Formula Helps Prevent Dust Buildup”

That sounds good and upon further investigation it is intended for light to moderate dirt so if you have some heavy soiling you may want to pick up something else. However if you are like me, and I know many of you are you do not allow your car to ever get too dirty so something like Total Interior Detailer should do the trick. What really interests me is the Anti-Static formula for a few reasons. The first being I live in a rural area, this means dust, pollen, and other particles constantly bombard my car, now I’m sure you city folk have the same issues but I like to pretend I’m special. I also like to drive with my windows down, especially in town. I enjoy the sound of the engine, the sound of cars going by, and the wind in my hair. So my interior gets exposed to a lot dust. I’ve used products in the past that seem to invite dust to attach it self to my interior so a product that is supposed to prohibit it is great.

The first thing I do after receiving any detail product is give it the sniff test. Now a product working is by far the most important things, but a product smelling good is pretty important too. Who cares if you have the best cleaner in the world if it smells like skunk. I’m pleased to report that the Total Interior Detailer does not smell like skunk, in fact it smells amazing. It has a fresh clean smell, think shower soap clean. I think that is a great thing. So it passes the initial sniff test but we will also need to see what the car smells like when it’s wiped over every surface of the car.

I quickly realized doing a before and after comparison would be nearly useless. Except in one case, so most of this review will focus on showing you what the Total Interior Detailer (TID) looks like on various surfaces, which is important. However I do have one before and after picture. I hunted the neighborhood for a car interior dirty enough to really put the TID to test and finally I found one. The dash, gauge cluster, and doors were fine. Dusty but other then that fine. However the shifter and cup holder area was as bad as I have seen.
dirty gear shift
As you can see it’s a mess. Yes most of it is dust but look at all the spill stains, drippings, and who knows what. This is some pretty heavy dirt, enough that I wondered if Adam’s TID would be up to the task. Well here’s the after.
shifter after
Notice the spill stains are gone. Ok some of the dust is still in the recessed areas but that is because I could not get to them with my towel and fingers. Quick tip, if this were my car I’d take the panel apart and clean it that way. Of course if this were my car it would not be this dirty.

The pictures speak for themselves. The TID did a great job of getting up the spilled coffee and other dirt and grime. What is left behind is a nice clean finish that is not greasy or too shiny. That in general speaks to what to expect from Adam’s TID. That is what I and many detailers want from a product, a nice not overly shiny, not greasy finish.

Being the only before and after pictures I have for you, you are probably wondering what now? Well I tried to find some different surfaces to show what kind of results you can expect on various materials, textures, and colors.

Here are the results of TID on a Gray “faux” leather interior. That’s the best I can describe the interior of a 2008 Chevy Malibu. I have a couple pictures here and as you can see what you get is a nice finish. The nice thing about this is the light gray tends to glare a bit and other products that tend to have more of a gloss finish (think Mother’s interior cleaner) tend to accentuate that. Now gloss finish is not a bad thing, this is a to each their own preference but so far once car into this experiment I’m liking the Adam’s TID.
gray interior

malibu gray interior

Back to the rather dirty interior we did the before and after on earlier. This time looking at the dash which is made of two materials, a textured soft plastic, and a hard plastic. This gives us a look at the results on two types of materials. As you can see again a nice matte finish. The black is simply black, no grease, no overly shiny areas.
TID on plastic

And now the money shot. I’ve dealt with this hard untextured plastic before on various cars, it’s difficult to get right. Many cleaners and dressings turn out blotchy and cause an uneven finish. Adam’s Total Interior Detailer does not have that problem. Admittedly I had to do a bit more buffing then I expected to even out the finish but it was easily accomplished. This is a fantastic result and I promise that this part of the dash has never looked so good.
money shot

Lastly we move on to my personal car, the Infinite Garage company car if you will. The dash here is a hard textured plastic. It has some of the pitfalls of the hard untextured dash in that it tends to lend itself to an uneven finish with thicker products, but being textured it also tends to catch the product which makes buffing a pain in the butt.
Adam's total interior detailer
As you can see the results here were simply stunning. A nice even black finish. This is how this car should look, this is how show winning interiors look. Perfection.

Lastly I decided to try it on some instrumentation. It says Total Interior Detailer right? As you can see the silver bezel around the boost gauge looks great. Again it’s just silver, no glare, no smudges, just silver. Even the “glass” looks great.
boost gauge

After it is all said and done I’m impressed with Adam’s Total Interior Detailer. It is pretty easy to use and a little bit goes a very long way. Now about that smell, well after doing the entire interior of the IG company car I felt the smell was maybe a tad strong. However by the next morning when I got in the car to head to the office I just felt it was a nice fresh smell. Not over powering, just nice. It is going on three days now since I used the Adam’s TID and the smell is still there. I’m also very pleased to report the anti static formula must work because the dust has stayed away thus far. This is a much better result then I have gotten with some of the over the counter treatments like Mequires interior wipes, Stoner’s, or Mother’s back to black. All of which I like as products but never had the long lasting results that Adam’s Total Interior Detailer seems to have.

If Adam’s Total Interior Detail interests you it can be purchased from Adam’s, and several fine reatailers online. A 16oz bottle will run around $13 US, this is more then double the price of Mequiars 16oz quick interior detailer. However Adam’s offers the option to buy Total Interior Detailer in a gallon jug which then brings the price per 16oz of TID down to just a hair over $4 which obliterates the over the counter Mequiars price. I think the gallon price takes Adam’s TID from a pricey luxury item to a must have bargain.