Nov 07

SEMA 2013 Photos

If it’s early November it’s time for SEMA. In case you are the two people reading this site who do not know what SEMA it is where the entire automotive industry shows up with their best aftermarket goodies for cars. It’s grown into a huge show where everyone from makers of wheels and tires to the bit automakers bring out their latest and greatest all in an attempt to get your hard earned dollars. There is a lot of cool stuff at SEMA and thanks to our friends at USA Newspress I’ve got a thousand or so photos from the show. Now of course I’ve gone through and picked what is interesting to the IG crowd. Namely cool American cars. Like this super rare and ultra cool AMC Rambler American Super Deluxe.


Now if that isn’t cool I just don’t know what is any more. If for some reason the America Super Deluxe isn’t your thing I have Mustangs, Studebakers, and a few others from the show floor in this installment and there will be plenty more as we head into the weekend with a little something for everyone I’m sure.

A quick peak inside the Super Deluxe shows us all class. What a great place to sit and that clock on the passenger side is cool.

Then there was this jewel. This sweet Studebaker with wood is ice cold.


The craftsmanship here is just awesome.

Not everything at SEMA is old, as proof by this Mustang 5.0.
The tri color paint is probably not my thing but it sure is unique.

The guys at Chevy Racing brought out their big dog C6R race car. This thing owns the road course and sounds crazy.
Now here is some serious style.

The Hollywood Hot Rods Mustang in the flesh. I think I like the rendering better.
A whole bunch of Shelby stuff. That widebody kit looks interesting.

So that’s part one of our live photo SEMA coverage. Hope you enjoyed it and stayed tuned for plenty more.

Image Source: Newspress USA