Apr 28

Sunday Commentary:

Another Sunday is here so it’s time to look back at the week that was and forward to what will be. It’s a rare spring Sunday here at the IG home office with no car shows, cruises, or other events that require my attendance it seems I have some time to attend to the IG company car which is in need of a detailing after a long winter of neglect. That could result in an article or two who knows. We learned the pricing of the new Vette this week, more on that in a bit, and we take a look at a few other happens around the car world.

Corvette badge

The C7 Chevy Corvette
The most anticipated car of the year, maybe ever is the 2014 Corvette Stingray. It’s a big deal in a lot of ways. It’s LT1 engine puts out a whooping 450hp and promises to be fuel efficient while the extensive use of light weight materials mean the car will be a monster on the track. We now know that the Corevettes legacy of having amazing bang for it’s buck performance continues. The new C7 Corvette Stingray will be priced from $52,000. Unfortunately with options it gets a bit crazy but still 52k for the base car is impressive.


C7 Vette

widebody Mustang
When Carroll Shelby passed I feared his company would simply become a way to capitalize off his name producing re badged Mustangs with some go fast goodies to appeal to the collectors but be other wise pointless. So far I appear to be wrong which is fine by me. This week we found out that Shelby intends to produce wide body kits for the 05-09 Mustang body style.
widebody shelby mustang
As you can see from the picture it’s a pretty awesome result.

IT guy invades the track
Our own in house IT guy surprised us all with a little video of him taking his 328i out on the track. Now he’s got race fuel in his veins so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock it’s just that he kept it pretty well secret from us then dropped a video on us. It’s entertaining as hell because he can drive, which he proves by dusting a Masaerati, keeping up with a Vette in the corners, and embarrassing a Mustang. He did us proud and we hope to see a lot more in the future.

Coming up this week

With race season in full swing we are sure to have some race coverage. While F1 is off there is plenty of other racing to be had in the mean time. We will cover that as the week goes on. Also this week I hope to take a look at NASCAR’s green initiative. I know green isn’t exactly a word people like to use around these parts but if we want to continue to enjoy be honking V8’s we will have to make up for it in other ways. It’s cool to see NASCAR making strides to be a bit friendlier to our planet. So stay tuned for that.
Obligatory hot rod

Norm’s Rat Rod by Hugo90, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Hugo90 

Well I’ve got to get detailing on the IG company car so until next time keep it shiny side up.
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