Jul 11

The awesome 496 Rat truck

There are some vehicles that pictures just don’t do justice. Especially when I’m the one taking the pictures. This truck is one of them. When you take an old Chevy, lower it, make every panel perfect, shoot some flat black over it and do tons of custom touches the result is amazing. It’s hard to do flat black right especially on an old car because ever stretch, warp, dent, and imperfection will show and on the 496 Rat there isn’t a single one visible.

The big shiny grill on the flat paint looks awesome.

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Moving to the rear we see a clean tail gate with some pin stripping.

The brake lights offer a shiny contrast to the flat black. Too often the trend it to black out every thing but here we are shown how bright and flat can work well together.

The perfect stance. Cragers? on some fat meat.

A look over the long hood to the scoop that feeds the monster below.

the pin stripping carried into the interior. The interior has a little more glossy paint and chrome work the the outside.

The fantastic body work carries into the bed.

and the name sake in a cool little logo.

If you want to see more awesome classics like this check out the boys at the White Hall Drag O Way or get out to a get together in your neck of the woods.