Oct 08

The Barry Apple Festival Car Show

Just off interstate 72, they put on a very nice car show. It would be a surprise for many to see so many cars of such high quality converge on the little town of Barry, Illinois This year the Barry Apple Festival Car Show was plagued by cool (ok cold) and rainy weather but that did not dampen the spirits or the turn out at the show. So today will be part one of several parts of this show.


Admittedly I did not have the time I would have like to have spent at the show. I felt a bit rushed but I managed to capture some really great rides despite the time crunch, weather, and big crowds. The show is held on the downtown streets of the town and it seemed every turn I took afforded me new wonders of horsepower to photograph. So for today we will take a look at just a few of those great cars.

I love hot rods and judging from the response we always get from them you guys do too. The first street I went down found this beauty waiting for me. I’m surprised to only see one trophy in front of it but maybe there are more hidden away.

This one had The Little River Band on painted on the side of it. I don’t know if it is something official or just a fan, but it’s pretty cool.
Well it’s time for a cool change, so let’s check out this epic Challenger. I’ll do a full on feature on it late this winter, in the mean time just enjoy. Wish I could have gotten a pic with the hood, doors, and trunk closed, but that’s how it goes at car shows.
Oh look a Mustang!
You don’t see a whole lot of pro touring Ford Mavricks around. This one is most excellent. It almost makes me want a Mavrick.
Just a collection of beauties.
We will finish it up with a quick look at this amazing Chevrolet. It was a real stunner. I’ll have some more on it later.

So there it is, a quick look at the Barry Apple Festival car show. As I said earlier I’ll have plenty more from the show this week. This is just a taste of what’s to come and as awesome as these cars were I think the best is yet to come.