May 13

The Loafer’s Car Club Car Show: Hot Rods and Muscle Cars

Every year in May the Loafer’s Car Club hosts a car show along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River in Hannibal Missouri. Hannibal is a historic river town famous for being Mark Twain’s home town. Normally the show is held in the historic river front area surrounded by various specialty shops and attractions however due to sidewalk repairs in the area it was moved a few blocks up the hill to a park in down town Hannibal.
rat rod truck
Trucks are getting hugely popular these days. Back in their hay day most trucks were worked to death and while many were made then they are a little tougher to find today. So they tend to fetch a premium. Sometimes no restoration is necessary, like in the case of the awesome slammed truck above.

If Muscle cars are more you thing then this awesome Fury might be right up you alley. I know it sure caught my attention. Enough so that you can expect much more on this one at a later date.
Fury Sport

Putting my affinity for all things Mopar aside we should give our import friends a little love. The RX8 is a fun car to drive. It’s quick, handles great, and is easy to throw around. This one had an amazing paint job, it was so deep and sparkled like a diamond. I quite like the color too. I may have a little more our this rotary powered go fast getter a little later.
Mazda RX8 show car

You probably remember this Mustang from our Sunday Commentary. This one too will get a full feature a a bit later. This car is a real stunner.
69 Mustang

Traditional classics were well represented at the show also. The paint on this looked buttery smooth.
traditional hot rods

The Chevy Bel Air lovers are always out in full force at any car get together. This one in all red was a jaw dropper. It’s right in so many ways. Notice the perfect stance.
Chevy Bel Air

I closed the Sunday Commentary out with this pic. I’m in love with these wheels in this color. I’m in love with this whole car and you will see why later in the week.

I will finish this one up with a little rat rod pick up truck action.
Rat Rod

As you can see there is a huge variety and this is just a taste of what is in store as the week goes on.