Nov 14

The Return of the Toyota Supra

The Japanese are getting all nostalgic on us lately. Last week we told you about the new RX-7 coming from Mazda and now word from Asia is that a new Supra and maybe MR2 will be coming sooner rather then later.

Our source for this juicy morsel is Asia One who in an interview with Tetsuya Tada who was chief engineer on the recent Toyota GT86 (Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ). He mentioned that the GT86 was the middle sports car in Toyota’s planned three enthusiast car line up. The new Supra would be the high end car and speculation says the MR2 would be the low end car.

This is all of course because Toyota needs to recapture the enthusiast crowd. It’s done well in going green and painting that image of itself, but in the process has lost it’s enthusiast base. While they have certainly proven that you don’t need car enthusiasts to run a successful car company the fear is that as time goes on younger people, namely those of us who like to have a car with some soul will completely forget about the car giant. A new Supra will go a long way to fixing that.