Mar 13

The Skinny on the U.S. Only Getting 6k Subaru BRZs

The interwebs is ablaze today with the news that only 6,000 of model year 2013 Subaru BRZs will be coming stateside. Never fear, because if you want one there will be a billion of them for 2014. The limited release is a long played trick by the car industry to hype up the release of a car that is expected to be pupular. We all know the BRZ is going to be REALLY popular so it makes sense. It means if you are on the fence right now you are probably going to go order one which will drive up the pre order numbers making the car look even more in demand. We’ve seen this plenty times before with cars like the PT Cruiser, Corvette Z06, and the Porsche Cayman; among others.

So, if you want one you may have to wait until next year, but don’t worry – you’ll get one.