Mar 14

V8 powered Muscle cars

With car show season just a short few weeks away my longing to see muscle cars is at a fever pitch. It’s just a reminder of how long the winter is here in the Midwest and how I have to make the most out of the upcoming warm weather. So I decided we needed another post of some cars I’ve shot in the past.

hot rod

If this sort of thing interests you, you know muscle cars, hot rods, general bitchin’ rides then hit the jump for lots more.

Of course I’m a bit of a Mopar fanboy. I want an old Road Runner or Cuda in the worst way. All good things come with time and hard work they say so I’ll just keep at it and someday I’ll be showing off my own to you guys. Until then, I have to live vicariously through cars at the shows. Like this Super B. The Super B graphic is one of my all time favorites.
super b

International Scouts aren’t exactly huge on the show circuit but it’s always cool to see them around. I can certainly see these getting more popular as time goes on.
Ih rear

Of Course Hot Rods make for great photographic subjects. Here is the engine bay from the rod that was our feature picture of this article. So much detail in here.
hot rod

Ford products are of course always popular. Like this early Mustang showing off a well kept engine bay.

Of Course the Chevy Boys are always out in full force. Like this awesome classic Camaro and a not so stock gen five.

Maybe you like your Chevy’s a bit bigger. Say Chevelle big. This one made for a nice shot of the rear looking down towards the mighty Mississippi River.

Maybe you like yours a little bit older though.
early cheveele

They say 1927 was a good year. I tend to agree, what do you think?

They are all just lined up waiting to be photographed.
in a row

I’ll end it with the mighty mopar. This was found on the rear quarter window of a Road Runner. I want one of these stickers.

So that will about wrap this post up. I know I’ve been saying it alot lately, but stay tuned for some really awesome stuff. This weekend kicks off show season for us and we are going to hit a lot more this year then we did last year. If you see us out and about say hello, show us your car, we’d love to chat with you.