May 05

VF Holden Ute and Wagon for USA. Commodore and Caprice for China.

Following our report on the possible sale of the next generation VF Commodore in the USA (here ) comes news from within GM that they have chosen Holden as their global partner to supply 2 new models to China.

These models are based on the Commodore and long-wheel based Holden Caprice. Both of these are due on the Chinese market in 2016.

In the U.S, GM are keen to sell Caprice, Ute and Wagon variants of the Commodore, most likely with Chevrolet SS badging.

Instead of sourcing them from Australia, GM would like to build local versions in America. The wagon and ute variants would be a less risky proposition if locally made, as exchange-rate fluctuations and shipping rates could be eliminated.

As well, a locally-produced Caprice would be more desirable to law enforcement agencies. Which is hugely important for increasing sales. GM found out with the current Australian-built Chevrolet Caprice PPV, many police officers and departments would like the vehicle, but are prevented from purchasing it due to its foreign production.

While initially the Commodore-based short-wheelbased sedan will be sourced from Australia. It may not be that simple in the future. By the time the VFII mid series upgrade is expected, potential production sources for the “ordinary, short” wheelbased sedan in America could be Australia, China or the USA itself.

Rumour has it that a mixture of all 3 is the most likely, with Holden Australia maintaining a position in charge of the design, chassis, suspension, engineering and future direction of the car.

A few years ago, GM showed off the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck, which was essentially a rebadged Commodore ute. The vehicle proved extremely popular with enthusiasts who quickly branded it a modern-day El Camino.

It could well be that the USA end up with the entire Commodore model range, with everything from Omega through to Calais V, for sale at the Chevrolet dealerships. Time will tell.