Mar 21

World Of Wheels: black and white

A pair of roadsters really caught my eye at the World of Wheels shows. Both very different but both very similar too. One made for cruising, and one made for racing. Their colors black and white, as opposite as night and day, but yet something very familiar.

Chevy Roadster

First up is the Chevy Roadster. I’m used to seeing Ford Roadsters with Chevy engines, but a Chevy Roadster with a Ford Engine? That’s something new to me. This one is big block powered and it looks mean as hell.

Here is the opposite. The “Hoodlum Roadster” powered by a Chevy 235 engine. A super cool one seater that’s made for racing.
black roadster

The interiors are very different as well. The Chevy exudes class, style, and luxury of a by gone period in America.
interior of Chevy Roadster
Meanwhile in the Hoodlum Roadster it’s all business.
hoodlum racer interior
If we could bring a third hot rod roadster into the mix we see a slightly newer more elegant style.
hot rod

Front of the Hoodlum Roadster
hoodlum roadster
So as you can see the World of Wheels show has a nice variety of Roadsters to offer. Tomorrow we will take a look at the Murican Muscle from the show. So stay tuned.