Jun 05

Yenko Nova Wallpaper

Wallpaper Wednesday triumphantly returns with a sweet stripe on a Yenko Nova. This is one sweet ride and I’ll have a bit more on the car it self at a later date, but until then you can make your desktop pretty by using this as your background.
Yenko Nova
Truth be told I’m not sure if this is an original or a clone, but with only 37 Yenko Novas every made, and with only 7 known to be surviving I’d take my chances it’s a clone. Someday I hope to ask the owner as I do see the car out and about, I just never actually get to meet the owner. Either way this is an fantastically well done car and it only helps to feed my growing love of the Nova. If this is your type of thing hit the jump for two different sizes for your desktop wallpaper.

yenko nova


yenko nova


As always, thanks for checking us out, and stay tuned for more hot rods, muscle cars, and who knows what. Hope you enjoy the wallpaper!