Aug 09

1950 Ford Custom from the Got Faith car show

Ford has used the term Custom on it’s cars since the 1930s but in 1950 if your Ford had Custom on the side trim work it meant you had the top of the line model. While 1950 Fords are far from rare even today, it’s rare to come across such an awesome example. Buddy Green has done an excellent job of restoring his Custom to tip top shape with a few modifications to make it just the way he and his wife like it. The end result I think you will see is pretty impressive.

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Before we dig into all the personal touches of the car let’s get some business taken care of. Yep it’s got a flathead V8 under there with a two barrel carb.

The car is called Suzy Q and legend has it the inspiration for the painted woman on the side is Buddy’s wife.

The chrome work on this car is immaculate just like every thing else. You can see here how nicely done it is. As for the custom license plate, well you’ll have to talk to Buddy’s wife to get the story on that.

I found the headlights to be very interesting.

Check out this cool Sun Shield hardware which is holding the outer sun visor on. Another cool detail That helps separate this 1950 Custom from the pack.

The rear of the car has a nice shape and the tail lights are a nice touch. I wonder if designers today put this much thought into a cars tail lights? Sometimes I really wonder.

There is no junk in this trunk. I love the upholstery work and spare tire cover. It’s details like this that really make a car stand out.

The excellent work continues on the inside with nicely done seats. There are also several switches with dice on them which is a cool touch. Unfortunately my photography skills let everyone down on those.

Lastly another of the many custom touches. The dice theme is carried through out the car and this paint work is a real attention getter.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this nice 1950 Ford Custom. This car gets our award for best in show at the Jerseyville Got Faith car show. However that doesn’t mean our coverage is done, I’ll be back soon with some another great car from the show.


  1. Lord Funkatron

    Beautiful Car. Cars like these are the reason the custom scene is so hot. I love it

  2. Jason

    Yep it’s cars like these that keep me going to shows. It’s not rare, it’s not over the top, or anything like that, but it’s just right. I love everything about it.

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