Jun 26

2013 F150 Raptor gets some upgrades

The option sheet on the Raptor just added a few more goodies. The most interesting especially if you are the rock crawling type is the bead lock rims. These rims are really interesting in that they are actually regular rims that can be broken down then the tire be remounting on a bead lock system that is available from Ford racing. It’s the first of it’s kind and really pretty interesting.

You’ll also get some electronic goodies like Ford’s My Touch infotainment system, HIDs, and the same LCD screen in between the gauges for the track apps that Ford is putting on the new Mustang. If you’ll remember from our review a few days ago that’s pretty damn cool.

Lastly you’ll get the option for a desert camo paint scheme called Terrain. You know just incase you are out dune jumping and need to sneak up on something. Good luck with sneaking up on anything with that monster 6.2L V8 up front.

So the Raptor gets some upgrades which will probably keep it the coolest truck on the market.