Jun 25

Cheap new cars

The question comes up a lot “what car should I get on a budget?” Of course I’d recommend buying used but today let’s take a look at what’s out there new and kind of sporty. I’m sure I could drone on and on about each of these cars but you probably don’t want to read a giant article about small cheap cars. So I’ll hit the highlights and you can research from there if you like the car.

First up the Hyundai Volester. It’s funky and it’s look isn’t for everyone, but it’s cheap and can be fun to drive. Starting at around 17k and getting 40mpgs on the highway it’s a pretty decent buy.

Dodge Dart. The Dart is fun, big enough to comfortably seat you and your friends, and has a ton of options to tick off. Also at 18k it won’t break the bank.

Fiat 500, with good fuel economy and a 15k starting price you’ll have a lot of fun in this little package.

VW Jetta. Again at around 15k and large enough to haul a family the VW Jetta has been a staple in the cheap car category for years.

Scion IQ which is a four seater that barely seats two might be a good choice. It’s cheap and highly customizable. Also reliable. Fuel economy is ok at 37mpgs on the highway.

Kia Soul, maybe the cheapest on our list at a shade under 14k it’s roomy and with love it or hate it styling it might just be for you if you are a love it kind of person. Economy would be good but not best in class good.

Ford Fiesta at about the same price as the Soul but with generally better looks it’s a hot contender in the sub 20k segment. It’s also very efficient and well built.

Chevy Sonic. While it replaces the less then stellar Aveo it sheds any comparison to it’s predecessor. Good looks, an upgraded interior, rock solid reliable ecotec engine, and excellent economy. At 14k it’s cheap too.

Mazda 2, with it’s skyactiv technology option you’ll get great economy and it’s base price of 15k you won’t break the bank either.


  1. RenoWrench

    Those little Suzuki SX4s look kind of interesting too, I wonder how they are?

  2. Jason

    That’s a good question, and admittedly I have little experience with it.

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