Mar 11

2014 F1 Fantasy League

Valtteri-Bottas-(Williams)-in-the-pit-lane-on-P-Zero-White-medium-tyresThe 2014 F1 is almost upon us and once again we’re running a fantasy league.  Join myself and the rest of the IG staff in what is becoming an IG tradition.  Hit the jump for the link and the details and see if you can beat the IG staff during the 2014 F1 Fantasy League.

Contrary to popular opinion actually paying attention to sports doesn’t really make you an expert when it comes to fantasy leagues or office pools.  As show by my nearly last place finish in last year’s F1 Fantasy League.  I’m back with a vengeance this year and I hope the utter chaos of the upcoming season might play into my favor.

To join the league go to http://f1fantasy.udt.co.za/f1fantasy/restricted/Dashboard.j and sign up.    Once you’re signed up  enter the following code to join the Infinite Garage League:


You’ll have the opportunity to trade teams and drivers through out the season and compete for the glory of being the best in the Infinite Garage 2014 F1 Fantasy League.

I hope to see all of you there.