Mar 10

Nascar Sprint Cup Series Kobalt 400 recap

The Nascar Sprint Cup Series Kobalt 400 held at Las Vegas this weekend was a real nail bitter. Dale Jr. Looked to continue his winning ways and serious momentum but the weekend would ultimately go to Brad Keselowski. Ultimately the race was lead by 10 different drivers at various times. Several cautions were called for debris but there were no serious incidents.


Let’s hit the jump and take a look at the race in photos and do a bit of a recap.

start the race
The field gathered for the start of the race.
Lagano and Keselowski start the race up front
Legano and Keselowski would start the race off. No driver on the poll at Las Vegas had ever went on to win the race. That trend would continue today.

Chaos in the pits
As soon as the pits opened it was chaos.
Kurt Busch nockes down some crew
The pit lane proved tricky for a miltitude of reasons. First off the pit entrance at Las Vegas motor speedway is tight. The cars have to come off the track and break hard to get slowed down before the pit speed limit begins. this caught out a few drivers.

For Kurt Busch his trouble was getting out of his pit box. In the process of trying to get out he managed to knock down a few crew members.

Dale Jr leads the pack
Dale Jr. led the race for 51 laps over the course of three different times. However he wasn’t leading after the most important lap. The last one.

Dale Jr and Keselowski
Keselowski and Earnhardt Jr. duked it out near the end but ultimately while leading Dale Earnhardt Jr’s. car would run out of fuel near the end of the last lap.

Keselowski was easily able to move around Earnhardt Jr’s. sputtering car on the last turn.

The best part, the big burnout at the end.
When it was all said and done it was Brad Keselowski taking the win and cementing a spot in the chase.

the standings through the first three races.
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photosource: Nascar.