Mar 09

Sunday Commentary: Slow week

If you have been tuning in all week you know things were a bit slow around here. It is the reality of late winter. I’ve exhausted most of my photos from last year and there is nothing new going on for a little while yet. Trust me no one wants to be busy editing photos and writing articles more than me but that’s the breaks of winter. The good news is my show schedule is filling up quite nicely.


I did manage to churn out an article or two this week. One of them I am even told was quite funny. I do have a few more things lined up for next week so hopefully it gets a little more active on the posting front. In the mean time let’s do the review.

Chevy comes alive
First up last week was some video of one of those Corvettes eaten by a sink hole starting up and driving. Driving away is probably optimistic as there was a huge oil leak, but still it started and drove a few feet. Not bad for getting eaten by a sink hole. We’ve got video of that so just hit the link above.
corvette vs sinkhole

I really like gassers. They represent such a unique time in motorsports and each has it’s own personality. So when I came across some vintage gasser footage I just had to share.



Race Cars at Geneva
Staying on the theme of racing I was able to obtain some photos of some cool racers from the Geneva Motorshow. From Le Mans to GT cars there was quite the turn out. Some real classics too.

Supercars at Geneva
Photos of supercars are something a lot of people like to see. Myself included. While I couldn’t see myself ever buying one, even with powerball money, I think they are interesting engineering exercises. Some of these cars could probably count as sports car, but for the most part there’s lot of high dollar high tech here.

Like I said it was a short week. that brings me to a question and I’d love for you to answer it on twitter, facebook, send me an email, or in the comments section below. Do you like video posts? In a way I always feel like I’m cheaping out by posting a video. There’s not much writing involved and it seems like it doesn’t take so much effort. However I love video. Sound and motion combined with old awesome cars is something I can watch all day. I will probably continue to do a couple videos a week unless I hear a bunch of users don’t like them.

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As always, thanks for checking us out. Until next time, keep it shiny side up!