Mar 06

Race Cars at the Geneva Motorshow

The Geneva motorshow not only has a bunch of cool new cars but they also have some really cool race cars including many historical cars. Legends like the 787B, and Rothman’s Porsche. Since we got a ton of photos of the cars at the show why not do a post about it?


Fans of the 24 hours of Daytona may remember the Jaguar XJR-12. It’s 7 liter V12 was an absolute monster. It pumped out 730hp and 539lb-ft of torque topping out at 219mph. Beast.

I don’t think the Gumpert Apollo is in any race series currently but it sure looks like a race car. It goes like one too I’ve heard. With it’s twin turbo Audi V8 making depending on the trim level around 700hp. It will certainly get the job done on a track day. It probably won’t win any awards for good looks or a good name though.

In 1998 Alan McNish somewhat famously piloted the Porsche #26 car.

The Renown Mazda 787B is quite Renown? Ok admittedly that was a real groaner of a joke but for those of you who didn’t x out of your browsers let’s talk about the rotary powered wonder. 4 rotors, 700hp and almost 450lb-ft of torque. That’s gotta be some kind of rotary record for torque right? I’m kidding rotary guys. The 787B is probably the most popular Japanese race car in the world.

What the hell is this thing Nissan? More on it at a later date.

Another look at that McNish post.

Just your regular old 911 GT race car.

The 919 Porsche race car. This of course in the spirit of the modern 91x Porsche cars is a hybrid. It will be running at Le Mans in the LMP1 class. It has a 2.0L V4 that revs to 9000 RPMS. I assume after it’s racing career is done more of the tech will be declassified.


The Rothmans Porsches dominated Le Mans in 1982 going 1-2-3. Solidifying it in the pantheon of racing history.

I’ll finish this one up with something simpler. A WRC GTI. It’s a pretty nice looking hot hatch racer. Can’t wait to see it in action this year.

Photosource:Newspress USA.