Mar 08

Photos from the Geneva Motorshow: excess is best.

All the automakers big and small turn out for Geneva which means you will find anything from super cars to gas sipping micro cars. I can not say I have too many micro car photos but if it is a sports or super car we have got you covered. The big European marquees really brought the big guns out for this one. There is a lot of pretty sheet metal and composites on the show room floor.


Above is two Zenvo ST1’s and two lovely ladies. The Dutch car maker sure knows how to wow it’s customers with pretty girls. Rumor has it if you buy an ST1 you get a $50,000 watch with it as well. Of course Zenvo has run into a bit of bad publicity when it’s test car caught fire on the Top Gear Test Track. Let’s hope those pretty girls weren’t any where near the carnage.

If we come down out of the stratosphere of pricing to the WRX STI we will get much more practicality and reliability. Plus less fire. Probably less pretty girls too though. Either way we like the Subaru WRX STI a lot. It’s great fun for the money and with four doors you can haul your budding family around too.

The Touring Superleggera Disco Volante is the clear winner of the stupid name award. It’s also a front runner for the ugliest car at the show award as well.

The new Mercedes S class is important. Of course chances are you won’t own one since it’s price tag will likely touch six figures with options. However it’s important because the gadgets on the new S class will be the gadgets on your car in five years. Things like air bags, seat belts, radar guided cruise control and the like all came from the S class. Now they are probably on your car.


McLaren brought a pair of 650Ss. The coupe and the spyder. Both are pretty good looking.

The Lamborghini here I am rock you like a Hurrican! It is a pretty car. Kind of like a baby Aventador.
Speaking of……
Our own Reno has a thing for this new Jag. I agree it’s pretty but it’s also dangerously close to looking like a catfish.

The Gumpert Explosion. Finally a practical car form Gumpert. Well practical is subjective. If it weren’t for the Touring Disco Inferno thing above the Explosion could have won both the stupid name and ugly award. Better luck next year Gumpert.

Next the Bugatti. King of the insanely expensive. Bugattis are technical marvels, engineering masterpieces. I also hear they are quite fast.



We will wrap it up with a pair of Alfas. Rumor is Alfa is coming to the US. That has of course been the rumor for ever now. It looks like the 4c will get the job done. It’s cool little lotus fighter and it looks great. So doesn’t the spyder.

That will wrap it up from Geneva for now.