Aug 17

2014 Pike County Muscle Car Tour

Car shows are fun and it’s certainly a great place to take the family and see some great pieces of automotive engineering. I’m glad they exists because it’s important to have these shiny pristine examples for the world to see. However I’d trade ten car shows for one day of cruising. Today was that day. The day started off very wet and while some spirits were dampened and some owners decided to keep their cars in the garage a small but mighty crew turned out to hit the open road in the name of American muscle.
I would get the luxury of riding shot gun in one bad ass fifth gen Camaro that I’ve showed you before here on IG. The pilot on our rocket ship Brenton and I have more in common then just a love for cars. Both of us are also bass guitarist and farmers. Needless today there was no lack of good conversation in our car. Mainly though it was about cars and I was fortunate enough to spend the day in his 500+hp rocket ship. LS3 powered, cammed, and a mean exhaust meant when we rolled into a little town everyone took notice.

That is what is great about getting a group together to cruise. You are bringing the cars to the people where they can hear them, see them, and feel them as they rumble bye. You just do not get that at a show. Our cavalcade of muscle definitely turned heads with cars like a beautifully restored Chevelle, Nova, a couple Camaros, Challengers, Trans Ams, and even a classic pick up truck with huge amounts of character.
We left from a local business Halpin Autoparts which helped put on the event and has been known to help trouble shoot problems with the IG company car. The owner also has a sweet SRT Challenger which has been shown a number of times here on IG.
We hit the open road for a couple hundred miles of Illinois back country driving. Then we stopped off at for a bite to eat at the Burger Board in Jacksonville, IL which is another small business that is very friendly to the car guy.
After some of the crew stopped for gas we would meet up again in downtown Jacksonville for the return trip home.
The rain may have turned some away but at the end of the day those who did brave the elements were all smiles and hand shakes after a great day of touring the countryside. A big thanks to Halpin Autoparts, the Burger Board, and the group that puts together the Pike County Muscle Car tour every year. Also a special shout out to Brenton for allowing me to ride shot gun, and to everyone who brought out there cars. Can’t wait to do it all again next year.