Aug 28

28 Chevy Coupe

The Got Faith show in Jerseyville Illinois has been the gift that keeps on giving for Infinite-Garage because I had such great access to the cars. It is rare at a show where you get wide open spaces to capture every angle possible and “get all the good shots” but it all seemed to work out for this show. So today we will take a look at a very nice 28 Chevy that looks just right.

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Details are a bit scant on this one but as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words and I have no shortage of pictures.

If I had the space I would just collect logos, hood ornaments, and badges because I find them fascinating. Even back in 1928 Chevys wore a bow tie.

I think a lot of people think the modern trend of “stance” was invented on a Volkswagen in 2003. The reality is hot rodders have been slamming cars for as long as there were cars. I’d say the stance on this 1928 is just right.

The back end is so clean, smooth, and shiny. It’s timeless.

I will wrap it up with the look at the wheels. Not to bright, just right.

I’m sure we have not seen the last from the Got Faith Show, I have plenty more to post and I will as the fall soldiers on. I sure hope the show is a go for next year because it will be great to get back and see all the great cars.