Aug 27

Next Generation Mustang to get Ecoboost and IRS

It’s long been rumored, even here on IG, that the next Mustang scheduled as a 2015 model will get an Ecoboost engine for the base model. Now it’s confirmed thanks to Autoweek. It seems Autoweek editor Greg Migliori got the info straight from an unnamed source on the Mustang team. This source also confirmed an independent rear suspension. No word on exactly what Ecoboost we will see except it is called the “Nano”.

Now you might ask why an IRS, other then the obvious racing benefits, Ford plans to take the next Mustang global and over in the old world they frown on live rear axles. So it makes sense to finally modernize the Mustang. A modern Mustang also means dropping the retro look which has been hugely popular. Word is the new Mustang will take a lot of design cues from the Evos concept.

It will certainly be exciting to see where Ford goes with the Mustang. The current model is undeniably a home run and the best Mustang yet so Ford has an awful lot riding on the next generation. Stay tuned here at IG for more updates as they come in.