Aug 27

BMW to make more M models, but not really M models.

Confused by the title? Yeah me too. You see it used to be in the past when you saw an M badge on a BMW there was a chance it was a pretty awesome car. Then came things like M sport packages on normal cars so that your average every day BMW owner could have all sorts of M badges in the car without any of the M performance. It should be no surprise at all that BMW plans to continue to lessen the value of an M badge even more by making more M models.

This will work by adding an M in front of the model number for “top of the range performance models.” For example if the current 335i where to get this new treatment it would be the M335i. BMW says there will still be M models such as the M3. Of course very few people buy BMWs for what they actually are, most just buy them to show off to their suburban neighbors. That’s ok, that pays for the good models, like the rest of us like, such as the M3.

If you will remember Chevy did this same thing with the SS badge in the early 2000s. Everything got an SS badge like the Malibu Maxx. It did not take Chevy long to realize they were taking a crap on the rich heritage of the SS model and they quit. Hopefully BMW will get the hint too, but I fear they are a bit more stubborn then Chevy.

All of these changes take place in the next generation of models so we have a year or two yet before we start seeing them. I obviously can’t criticize BMW too much, they clearly know how to make and sell cars people want to buy. So I’ll keep my hopes up they can pull this off.