Aug 26

The Best of Bonneville, a Recap of Speedweek

Our very own Renowrench was out at Bonneville last week covering all the action. A lot came of this, we got some sweet articles, some new contacts, and we are in the early stages of planning the first ever Infinite Garage mega road trip/get together. You see those of us that work on the site are spread across the country and we do our meetings and such online. So a chance to actually get together knock back a few cold ones and cover an event as epic as Bonneville is irresistible. I’m not sure how far we will take it but we may even do a documentary on our trip. Sadly that’s all a year away but that just gives us time to plan. In the mean time I went through Reno’s pics of the event and picked out my favorites for this recap.

Check out the rest of my picks after the jump.

It is really no secret that I love the cars of the 60s and 70s so surprise! One of my favorite cars from Speedweek is a car from the 60s. Chevy Powered and all.

If you have been around the site for any length of time at all you are well aware that I am a Mopar guy at heart.

You will recognize this DeSoto from a feature article from last week. This car is perfection to me.

You probably do not think of Italian Stallions when you think of Bonneville but this Ferrari 575 looks pretty good out on the sand.

This pair would look great anywhere from the concourse to the sand.

I think I will end this wrap up with a picture that was taken this year, but could have been taking 50 years ago just as easily. It is amazing how some things never change in the car world and I hope they never do. I often wonder if my generation will carry on rodding and caring for these timeless classics of if the future is doomed to be filled with Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it would be awful to think of going to shows, events, and Speedweek and not seeing these amazing machines.

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