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Jul 16

Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird

Everyone has that one car that they dream about, lust over, and stop everything they are doing when they see one. That is the Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird for me. It’s just it. I dream of owning one, although I know that it’s highly unlikely with prime examples fetching well north of six figures and clones …

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Jun 16

Sunday Commentary: The tale of the Superbirds in the bush

Roadrunner Superbirds

Another week has come and gone here at IG and as fortune is on our side we continue to grow despite a few snafus with our server. It is always humbling to see just how many people come and check out what we are doing and it is very appreciated. We have been at this …

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Feb 04

Down to the details. Muscle cars, hot rods, and classics Pt. 1

wire wheel

Details for me are what makes or breaks muscle cars, hot rods, and classics. From 50 years every Camaro looks the same, but from 5 feet the little things stand out and that’s what makes a car unique. I’ve found myself over the years taking a lot of photos of things like hood ornaments, manifolds, …

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Jan 20

Sunday Commentary: Collectors Market, Batmobiles, a great week for IG

Charger RT

It’s Sunday which is a day for me to sit and reflect on what went right this week, what went wrong, and how to keep bringing all our faithful readers. What a week this was in the car world. We saw the debut of the C7 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, some new goodies from Mercedes, …

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Aug 26

The Best of Bonneville, a Recap of Speedweek

Our very own Renowrench was out at Bonneville last week covering all the action. A lot came of this, we got some sweet articles, some new contacts, and we are in the early stages of planning the first ever Infinite Garage mega road trip/get together. You see those of us that work on the site …

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