Jul 16

Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird

Everyone has that one car that they dream about, lust over, and stop everything they are doing when they see one. That is the Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird for me. It’s just it. I dream of owning one, although I know that it’s highly unlikely with prime examples fetching well north of six figures and clones approaching six figures. Still it’s good to have dreams even as we get older and I will always hold out hope that someday one of the most unique cars in the history of the automobile will grace my driveway. I intentionally held on to these photos as I shot this winged warrior nearly a year ago at the Louisianna Colorfest car show.


My love affair with the Superbird runs deep. As a child I had a toy of one and it was my favorite hot wheel. Then on one fateful day while out for a Sunday drive with my parents I saw one. I imagine I looked pretty funny with my 8 year old face smashed against the rear window glass staring as the Tor Red Superbird cruised by the other direction. It was love at first sight, it was even better then my toy, which was Vitamin C Orange in case you were wondering.

Needless to say when I see a Superbird at a show it grabs my attention fast. So was the case with this one. Now it turned out to be a clone, and I know some people just hate that, but I’m ok with it. Not that my opinion matters but a clone you can drive and enjoy, the original thing is getting so rare and expensive I’m not sure you take it out for a drive. So clones are ok by me. So let’s hit the jump and take a look at another dozen or so photos of this stunning example of a cloned Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird.

The whole car is iconic, easily recognizable from any angle, but that front nose and those headlights are dead give aways. Custom Roadrunner graphics don’t hurt either.

Lurking beneath the hood of the Superbird is the Coyote Duster. With cool graphics like this it’s no wonder I fell in love with the car as a child.
So just what the heck is under those bumps on the fender? Well on this clone nothing.

A full on shot from the rear of the mighty bird with a great look of that wing.
The interior was just as well done as the exterior. You gotta love pistol grip shifters.
The iconic nose sticking way out in front

A look at that ultra cool Plymouth logo down the side with the roadrunner adorning the wings pillar.
Nothing too flashy on the wheels. it’s all function here.
How about we close it out with a close up of that roadrunner.

So there you have it, the iconic Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird. I know Mopars aren’t every one’s thing, and some people think it’s a bit over the top, but this car is a clear example of a time period in American history, automotive history, and racing history that we will never see again. For a short time designers were allowed to let their imaginations run wild and when they did some of the coolest cars of all time were born, like the Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird.

meep meep!