Jul 15

Plymouth Suburban in flat black

Few colors look more menacing than black and if you make that flat black it gives a whole new aura to the car. So today we have a short look at what is a very menacing flat black Plymouth Suburban. Yes Plymouth made a Suburban for those of you questioning if I mistyped there. Starting in 1949 Plymouth began producing Suburbans and that would carry on for nearly 30 years. It seated six and the rear seats folded flat making it a real innovator. This one is a three door which makes it extra cool in my book, not to mention some really sweet pin striping and custom interior.


As you can see from the outside it’s pretty cool. Long, low and a wagon will get you a feature on IG every time. We love things like this and I suspect you do as well. I have a few more pictures of this beauty after the jump including some close ups of that beautiful pin strip work and the interior.

The Plymouth Suburban was quite revolutionary for it’s time. It featured the industries first all steel bodied station wagon and the first turn key automatic ignition/starter system. Something we take for granted today.
The cool pinstrip work carries on to the area above the head lights. It’s a great dash of color on a flat black canvas.
More of that pin strip work as well as the super cool Plymouth logo and big honking grill.

So there it is, short and sweet a cool Plymouth Suburban wagon.