Jul 14

Sunday Commentary: The Calm Before the Storm

Summer in the Midwest means cars shows and for me it means lots of time on the road. This weekend however I had a whole weekend off not because there were no shows but because I had other obligations. However next week starts a period of 8 shows in a four weeks and I intend to hit them all. So that means in the coming weeks we will have a flood of hot rods, muscle cars, and classics to show off. In the mean time we still have plenty going on these days.


In the last week IG took a decidedly more European flavor. Now I promise this is only temporary but with the Goodwood Festival of Speed going on, the debut of the Bentley Continental GT3, and all kinds of racing we had to stray just a bit from our hot rod roots to cover what we thought were some really cool events from the old world. Never fear though we intend to return celebrating everything American automotive as the next week approaches.

In the mean time we have plenty to review and talk about here on Sunday so let’s get it.

Week in Review
Wallpaper Wednesday was all American this week as we featured two fantastic wallpapers for your desktop background. The first was this Shelby Super Snake equipped with gobs of tire shredding horsepower and the legendary Shelby name. The Super Snake wasn’t the only car to get wallpaper duty this week though as we also had a sweet Dodge badge from a 2010 Dodge Challenger that had been customized.
Supersnake wallpaper

The Goodwood Festival of speed got some attention this week and it will next week as well. It’s an iconic event at one of the worlds classic motoring locations and we were able to bring you all kinds of action from the hill climb. This Nismo 370Z tackled the hill in style as did a number of different sports cars.
Nismo 370Z at Goodwood

The Bentley Continental GT3 debuted this week. If you want high society, speed, beauty, and luxury then this is the race car for you. It’s pretty sweet looking and just might be something to look at if yo are a recent lottery winner.


Of course there was F1 action from Germany last weekend as Sebastian Vettel tried to take the win at his home GP. If you missed it by any chance we’ve got you covered with a full recap of the race done in only a fashion that our own Renowrench can do.

2013 German GP

© Red Bull Media House

Finally yesterday I looked at a few Big Classic Cars. Largely they were some cars I had shot from the Loafer’s Car Club show but I just could not find a place for them in our other coverage. However they were certainly worthy of showing everyone so I gave them their own article.

The Week Ahead
Things are already coming together for this week. Monday we will have a look at a sweet Plymouth Suburban Wagon. If you don’t know the Plymouth Suburban was quite the innovator so we will have a bit of history on the car as well as a look at the custom touches that the one we photographed had. Here is just a sneak peak.

Wallpaper Wednesday will be for the Chevy boys. We’ve hit Mopar and Ford pretty hard lately so it’s time to give something to all the Chevy fans out there. We will also have more coverage from Goodwood and your typical helping of hot rods, muscle cars, and classics.

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Until next time. Keep it shiny side up!