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Jul 14

Sunday Commentary: The Calm Before the Storm

Summer in the Midwest means cars shows and for me it means lots of time on the road. This weekend however I had a whole weekend off not because there were no shows but because I had other obligations. However next week starts a period of 8 shows in a four weeks and I intend …

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Apr 30

2014 Nismo 370Z

spoiler of 370z

The 2014 Nismo 370Z offers up race inspired looks in a straight from the dealer car. The Nissan Z line of cars have always inspired passion and offered performance driving to a wide audience. The new Nissan 370Z has continued that tradition even if it may be a tad heavy and a little on the …

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Jul 24

2013 370Z gets a price bump and refresh

The 370z is a car we’ve kind of shied away from. It’s heavy, expensive, slow, and not very nimble really. I know that sounds odd because Z cars are usually pretty good and it’s not an awful looking car. The problem is it fails to capture the essence of driving and instead tries to be …

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