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May 07

A measure of the Man: behind the scenes of a pit stop

The pit stop is an integral part of any racing series. In series like Nascar and Formula 1 the pit stop takes mere seconds before the car is off speeding back towards the track. These seconds can cost a team the win. That is why crews train vigorously to ensure they perform as good as …

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Apr 08

Formula 1 – 2014 Bahrain GP recap

Mercedes domination continues at what was easily the most exciting race to date in the 2014 season.  Hit the jump for our quick recap of the 2014 Bahrain GP.

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Apr 02

Paul Rosche turns 80. The father of the modern F1 engine

It’s no secret that we are big F1 fans here at IG. The technology, mind blowing performance, and that glorious wail of the engines all get us going. This week the father of the F1 engine turns 80. Although he retired 15 yeras ago Paul Rosche’s legacy lives on.

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Mar 21

Oleg Konin’s “If Only”

Admittedly I don’t get art. I’m really not that deep of a person to look into deep meanings of painting and photos. You have to spell it out for me to tell me the point of a book. When I see something and go “whoa” well it must be a pretty powerful message. However when …

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Nov 05

Abu Dhabi GP – F1 2013

The weekly German sporting report, also known as Formula 1, continued last weekend at the Abu Dhabi GP with predictable results.  F1 news has been a little repetitive of late and that trend continued at the amazing Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.  Hit the jump for some amazing photos and a little trivia about …

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