Mar 21

Oleg Konin’s “If Only”

Admittedly I don’t get art. I’m really not that deep of a person to look into deep meanings of painting and photos. You have to spell it out for me to tell me the point of a book. When I see something and go “whoa” well it must be a pretty powerful message. However when I saw Oleg Konin’s “If Only” well finally there was a piece of art I got.
Senna kiszáll
I am sure all of you know about Ayrton Senna and his tragic crash that ended his brilliant career and life. Konin’s “If only” imagines what if Senna had gotten out of the crashed car. What would have happened? How many championships might Senna have won? If only….

Full credit goes to cdn.blog.hu
and the fellas at reddit.com/r/formula1