Mar 23

Sunday Commentary: Hope Springs eternal.

This week’s Sunday Commentary is coming to you a bit later than normal if for no other reason but it has been a busy day. Busy week in fact. I am glad to stay my car event schedule is filling up quite nicely with the first get together only a few weeks away. I am very ready for that to happen. Finally I can get back to posting original content here and not just doing news or race recaps. You are ready for that as well.


With one more week of March behind us we should take a look back at the week that was. Racing, more racing, a classic test drive, and some fine art filled the pages of IG this week. There should be something for everyone.

1969 Plymouth Road Runner test drive.
Ramblin Round test drove a slightly hot 69 Road Runner and managed to capture some great video and sound for our listening enjoyment. The Road Runner is one of my all time favorite cars and judging by the response we get on a Facebook when we post a Road Runner picture I’m guess it’s hugely popular with you all too. Meep Meep.

Nascar Sprint Cup Series at Bristol
Rain was the name of the game at Bristol last weekend. They did manage to get the race in after a lengthy delay. The action was still good and at the end it was Carl Edwards taking the checkers. Backflips for everyone!

Australian Grand Prix
In the land down under they do F1 big. The first Grand Prix of the year is always interesting. Sure the teams test extensively in the off season but under race conditions everything changes. This years Australian Grand Prix did not disappoint.

The Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe
The Mercedes Benz S63 AMG is the cats meow. Good looks, big power, and big luxury. It is awesome. I’m not sure you need a Coupe that is as big as a football field but why the heck not? Excess is best right?

Plymouth Barracuda Commercial
Classic commercials are fun to watch. Especially when there classic muscle is involved. Friday we took a look at a cool commercial form the 60s featuring a Plymouth Barracuda.

That is gonna wrap up this week’s Sunday Commentary. I’m already working on a few cool things for next week. So stay tuned for more hot rod and muscle car action.

Until next time. Keep it shiny side up!