Feb 04

Down to the details. Muscle cars, hot rods, and classics Pt. 1

Details for me are what makes or breaks muscle cars, hot rods, and classics. From 50 years every Camaro looks the same, but from 5 feet the little things stand out and that’s what makes a car unique. I’ve found myself over the years taking a lot of photos of things like hood ornaments, manifolds, and badges. I thought I’d take this chance to share a few with you in what will likely be a three part series over the next couple weeks. Down to the details.
This hood on the first gen Camaro is an all time classic. It screams muscle car and power. I’d love to see details like this come back in modern cars. Now though you’re lucky to get a non functional hood scoop.

Of course wheels are a great source of detail and intrigue. I think wire wheels are the coolest, especially with a big shiny hub in the middle. This particular car was found at the Louisiana Colorfest car show.
wire wheel

I think Plymouth Road Runner Superbirds are some of the coolest cars ever made. I love the giant wing, and the cool roadrunner logo on the post makes me smile every time I see one.

Of course Superbird owners aren’t the only Roadrunner owners who get to enjoy everyone’s favorite cartoon bird. You can find the logo on numerous regular Plymouth Roadrunners. MEEP MEEP!
road runner

The Mopar guys don’t get all the fun though. The Pontiac GTO Judge gets an awesome hood tach that is very unique.
hood tach

Engines give us plenty to look at too. Just look at all the great details going on here. The black vavle covers with red letters. That awesome plenum, and carefully placed spark plug wires. I could spend an hour just admiring it.
valve cover

Less modern engines also offer some great visuals. It’s a shame to cover this up with a hood.

So there you have it. Part 1 of our look at some of the details we’ve encountered on our travels in the car kingdom.

If you are interested in the details and styling that goes into muscle cars you might check out The Art Of the Muscle car on Amazon. It features tons of great photos and info about muscle cars.