Jun 16

Sunday Commentary: The tale of the Superbirds in the bush

Another week has come and gone here at IG and as fortune is on our side we continue to grow despite a few snafus with our server. It is always humbling to see just how many people come and check out what we are doing and it is very appreciated. We have been at this a little over 18 months now and there have been a lot of ups and downs, some people said we’d never make it, and at times we wondered that our self but here we are in the heart of our second season of out hunting at car shows, events, races, and whatever we can find to attend. It’s been a blast and even though the rain caused the cancellation of all the events I had planned to attend this weekend I’m sure I can find something to write about.

Roadrunner Superbird

This week I posted on our Facebook page about two Superbirds hiding in some trees waiting to be restored. Well there is a story behind that so after the jump I’ll tell you what I know as well as do our normal week in review.

If you have been around for any length of time at all you know I love Mopar. I dream of having a Roadrunner someday done up just right, ready to race, show, and have fun in. I’m told good things come to those who wait so I continue to wait, work hard, and someday just someday that will all pay off. Everyone I know, knows I love Superbirds most of all. I love cars that aren’t too serious, that make people laugh, that don’t blend in. Is there a better car to fit that example then a Superbird? With that crazy wing, aggressive nose, and huge engine coupled with some high impact colors makes it my dream car. When my friends see a Superbird or a Superbird clone they always send me a picture and I always enjoy it.

Roadrunner Superbird

Well the other day I got a picture that got me excited like I rarely get.
Roadrunner Superbirds
It was not one but two Plymouth Superbirds hiding in some junk yard with trees and bushes growing up all around them. What are the chances? So I texted back to my friend “where are those, I need to know asap.” Well after some further investigating I was too late. Someone else had spotted the Superbirds in the Bush and they were sold. It’s a shame, IG could use a couple project cars. The good news is I hear these two Birds will live on and be restored. So the story does have a happy ending. It would be a shame for them to sit there and rot down any further.

Week in Review
We do talk about other things here besides Mopar muscle so let’s take a look back at the week that was.
You might have missed it yesterday but we took a look at the new Chevy Cruze turbo diesel. It’s a nice ride for daily driving duties. With gobs of torque and some pretty good fuel economy if you are looking for a fuel sipper it might be the one for you.
Cruze tdi and engien

Sweet Buick Riviera
Resto mod is the biggest thing going right now and for good reason. These classic cars look amazing with some modern suspension, appropriately sized wheels and tires, and some other modern touches. Not to mention you get a more modern ride with the classic looks. It’s a win win. So we checked out a completely cool Buick Riviera this week.
Buick Riviera head light

Cruise Night
We finally made it to our first cruise night of the season where you not only get to see the cars, but you get to hear them roar and feel them rumble. I’m a big fan of them because you won’t see any trailer queens here.

Film Friday
Film Friday took a look at the Player’s Classic at Goodwood. Thanks to the internet and the generosity and creativity of people around the world we are able to bring you coverage from events far far away.

I’ll have to wrap it up for now, but keep tuning in all week for more from events around the land, any worthwhile news, and your daily dose of hot rods, muscle cars, and classics.
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Until next time keep it shiny side up!