Aug 08

Got Trucks? The trucks of the Got Faith car show

I have said it before many times, trucks are the biggest thing going in the car show world, especially rat rodded and resto modded trucks. Just head out to any show and you will see a huge number of tricked out trucks just waiting to be judged. It’s no surprise really as trucks are hugely popular with the general population so it only makes sense for that to carry over into the show car scene. So today we return to the Got Faith show to check out some sweet trucks.


This truck had some serious drag racing gear equipped. Big MT’s, some wheel bars, chute, and wing mean business.



This truck had a great two tone paint with some great custom touches.

It was the model T Ford that made the people wanna go wanna get wanna get up and go.



  1. Austin Rios

    Can anyone tell me the size and all of the rims and tires on that green chevy ext? Trying to run somewhat the same setup.
    Thanks Austin

    1. Infinitegarage

      off the top of my head I can’t. I will shoot out a few emails to see if anyone knows the owner and can find out.

      1. austin

        Ok thanks

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