Sep 14

A magnificant 37 Ford Hot Rod

Back at the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion we find yet another example of a great hot rod. I got admonished for calling this a traditional hot rod earlier so I’ll just call it a hot rod. There are as many different ideas of what the different categories of hot rod are as there are hot rods so I’ll just keep it general for now. What we do know is this is an excellent example of a 37 Ford with lots of custom touches and it’s shined to perfection.

The profile view reveals it’s long and low curves. It sure is a stand out.

Some very shiny modern wheels tucked way up under those fenders add to the aggressive look.

You can see that beautiful midwestern sky reflecting off the perfect paint and body work.

The molded in headlights add to the sleekness. This thing looks like it go a million miles an hour.

A quick peak inside reveals the same quality workmanship.

I wish I could tell you more of the details but the owner of the car was off enjoying the show so I never got a chance to chat with him. I’d love to know more though, maybe at the next show. In the mean time enjoy the pics and look for more a bit later. We still have to dive into the muscle cars of the reunion.

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