Sep 13

A very unique Jeep auto X machine

Steve Brueck is a different kind of crazy, he’s my kind of crazy. Not only is he a car guy but he’s a weather guy too, that puts him in this rare elite nerd area reserved for those of us who probably should be in white padded rooms. I had seen Steve hanging out around the same weather haunts that I do for a good while now, but it was his post on his 2100 mile round trip to the SCCA Solo National Championships that made me have to get ahold of him to do an article. Graciously he accepted my offer. I think you guys will love this build, it is not your usual Auto X build, you see it is a Jeep, well sort of.

Steve races in a class that requires an 80 inch wheel base so as you can imagine the options available are quite limited. So it would have to be custom. So Del Long was commissioned Jim Murphy (the cars owner) to build a unique car for the task. The chassis for the car is an Allison Legacy chassis that is similar to a NASCAR circle track chassis.

You might be asking what would be used to power this baby? An LNF of course, ecotecs are another thing near and dear to my heart having tuned a couple dozen myself, so it was very cool to see one go into this car. Steve tells me “The engine is bone stock except for a bigger intercooler, waste gate, bigger down-pipe and a E85 engine tune by Trifecta. It makes approximately 360 rwhp and 400 ft lbs of torque. Our minimum weight is 1750 with driver and at the Nationals I was right at 1769 with me in it. ” That is some serious power to weight ratio. I think it is a real testament to GM’s engine design that a nearly stock turbo four cylinder can make that kind of power.

The transmission mated to the LNF is a Doug Nash 2 speed quick change typically found on circle track racers. Housed in the rear end are 4.11 gears. Here is a quick view of the Ford 8.8 inch rear end and the rear coils.

The tires are straight from a Formula Atlantic car and steering is provided by a power steering unit from a Toyota Yaris.

So where does the Jeep come in? Just check out that grill.

Between Jim Murphy’s leadership, Del Long’s building ability, and Steve’s driving skill the car managed a 3rd place finish at Nationals this year beating out some pretty big names in Solo racing.

Steve has numerous videos up on youtube to see it in action, check out the one below!

Thanks to Steve for letting me do this article and for the use of his photos.
Check out Steve’s weather site (one of the best on the net)
Check out the SCCA’s site for more info on Solo racing and how you can get involved!


  1. RenoWrench

    That thing is waaaayyyy crazier than the race car I was checking out today!

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