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Dec 22

The 2016 Cadillac CTS-V: 640hp in a family sedan. Yeah we want one

Cadillac has come a long way in reviving the brands image as an old mans car. The CTS played a big roll in that, and then the CTS-V smashed that stuffy old mold into a million pieces. Now that we are three generations into the CTS the V model is bigger and better in nearly …

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May 02

GM building a performance and race center in Pontiac

To have all of your race engineers in one place only makes sense. That is GM’s thinking when it comes to building it’s new performance and racing center. It will accompany the power train engineering center in Pontiac. The facility will house the works for the Nascar, IndyCar, and USA Sports Car Championship series. How …

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Sep 16

WHDOW: The Generals Cars, Camaros old and new, Pontiac, and Yenko

yenko sc badge

The General was well represented at the WHDOW Reunion from old to new there was a little bit of everything for bowtie fans. The only thing hotter then the weather were the cars and if I had to guess I’d say GM was the most represented of the big three at the show. Now we …

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Jul 01

60 Years ago the First Corvette rolled of the assembly line

There are few cars as iconic as the Corvette. For a very long time now it has represented the working mans dreams. It’s affordable, it’s fast, and it’s good looking. So it is no wonder it is the longest running production passenger car. With all the fury over the new C7 it is sure to …

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Mar 11

2013 Copo Camaro, Yenko Camaro history, and the ZL-1

The original Copo Camaro is the stuff of legends. It is how highly collectible cars like the Yenko Camaros were born. The formula is simple, you take a Camaro add the L72 big block and you create an instant legend. The Yenko’s are part of a rare time in GM’s history when things like that …

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