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Nov 05

Chevy at SEMA: Corvette Stingray, COPO Camaro, SS Jeff Gordon edition

SEMA is here and finally some info on the good stuff is coming in. Last week we showed you a preview of some of the small cars Chevy was bringing to the big show but now we get to see the big fire power. Chevy Corvette Stingray, Camaro, and SS all are there, all with …

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Mar 26

Why modern COPO Camaros suck

Last week we did an article on the new COPO Camaro and I theorized that it would be nothing but a collector car, sitting in some guys garage collecting dust until they decided to flip it for more money.   by  aresauburnâ„¢  Supporting my hypothosis is this COPO Camaro. From the site Bring a Trailer which usually …

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Mar 11

2013 Copo Camaro, Yenko Camaro history, and the ZL-1

The original Copo Camaro is the stuff of legends. It is how highly collectible cars like the Yenko Camaros were born. The formula is simple, you take a Camaro add the L72 big block and you create an instant legend. The Yenko’s are part of a rare time in GM’s history when things like that …

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Mar 10

Sunday Commentary: hot rod edition

rat van

One of the challenges of every Sunday morning is figuring out what to cover in the Sunday Commentary. Obviously the week in review kind of takes care of itself but looking forward can be challenging. We are a small buy mighty staff here at IG and with basically just two “journalists” doing all the writing …

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