Mar 26

Why modern COPO Camaros suck

Last week we did an article on the new COPO Camaro and I theorized that it would be nothing but a collector car, sitting in some guys garage collecting dust until they decided to flip it for more money.

Supporting my hypothosis is this COPO Camaro. From the site Bring a Trailer which usually specializes in odd, rare, and interesting for sale listings around the net has allowed this one to sneak through. So what is wrong with this COPO for sale? Well let me start by saying nothing at face value, but if you haven’t clicked that link let me tell you what is wrong with it. The owner there is trying to sell is one year old Camaro for $165,000. Yep, that’s nearly double the asking price of it new. The real kicker, the car has zero miles on it. ZERO. What a douchebag.

So this is my beef with today’s “special editions.” The original COPO Camaro is highly sought after because it was limited release because a limited amount of people wanted it. No one bought the 1969 COPO because it would be collectible. They bought it because they wanted it, they bought it to be king of the street. None of these new COPOs will ever be driven. Which is a shame because I suspect they are pretty awesome. However they are all going right into some guys collection, then to auction in a few years because they think they will make a buck.

What do you guys and gals think about this? Cars are meant to be driven, that is why we celebrate the cruisers, long haulers, and drivers of the world here on IG. We always have and always will.