Sep 16

WHDOW: The Generals Cars, Camaros old and new, Pontiac, and Yenko

The General was well represented at the WHDOW Reunion from old to new there was a little bit of everything for bowtie fans. The only thing hotter then the weather were the cars and if I had to guess I’d say GM was the most represented of the big three at the show. Now we all know I’m a bit of a Mopar guy but I do love a small block Chevy V8 and there was no lack of those for me to drool over. Everything from first generations Camaros to Yenko Novas, and of course a strong showing by the Fifth Generation Camaro which as far as I can tell is as popular as the Mustang these days. So let’s settle in a take a journey through the show grounds and look at a few of my favorite Chevys and Pontiacs from the day.

78 trans am

I don’t think we have ever ran a 1978 Trans Am as our feature image before so this is long over due. This one looks great in orange with the fire chicken on that very long hood.

A 1967 Camaro RS, what a beaut.
1967 Camaro RS
The back end is as clean as the front.
Now we fast forward to 1969 when the Camaro got a little more angular as the muscle car era was in full swing.
Ready to race.
427 equipped Nova. I’ll bet this thing hauls some major ass.
This was a very nice looking fifth gen that didn’t stick around long. I’m glad I got a shot of it when I did. Some subtle but very effective mods.
RS-SS Convertible, this is not the first appearance this one has made here at IG.
Not all Camaros are super shiny, this one might be like this by design or it maybe is awaiting a little TLC.
old camaro
Another shot of our feature TA. I always liked the blackened headlight recess.
trans am
I just missed catching this one on video of it being loaded up. It sounded great, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.
chevy wagon racer
Yenko! You didn’t want to run into one of these on the street back in the day.
Chevy Yenko Nova
One of the all time great stripes.
Yenko nova stripe
and that legendary badge.
yenko sc badge

Hope you enjoyed our look at the GM products from the WHDOW Reunion. Stay tuned, you never know what you will see tomorrow here at IG.