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Jul 01

60 Years ago the First Corvette rolled of the assembly line

There are few cars as iconic as the Corvette. For a very long time now it has represented the working mans dreams. It’s affordable, it’s fast, and it’s good looking. So it is no wonder it is the longest running production passenger car. With all the fury over the new C7 it is sure to …

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Mar 02

The final C6 Corvette rolls off the line at Bowling Green


With every new beginning is an end, or something like that. With the new Chevy Corvette C7 production beginning this spring obviously they have to stop making the C6 at some point. That point was this week. Chevy produced just over 215,000 C6 Corvettes in the nine year production run. Hit the jump for the …

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Sep 26

The fastest IRS car in the world

In the drag racing world live rear axles rule and it’s pretty rare to see an IRS car once someone gets serious about knocking off some time. However Mark Carlyle has decided to see how far he can take his Vette on stock IRS suspension. That’s right, stock suspension. The results are astounding with a …

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Aug 24

Tours of the Corvette plant to stop due to C7 prep

It’s no secret I’m a Corvette fanboy and I think every one should be. You don’t have to love the styling but no one can argue with it’s bang for buck value. It is impossible to find a car that offers the performance of the Vette for the money, especially the Z06, and especially if …

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Feb 12

2012 Corvette and Chevy Expo! Part One

Friend of infinite-garage.com Ryan (aka 2010Texasedition on the Adam’s forum), made it out to the Corvette and Chevy Expo this year and was kind enough to provide us with some pics of the what can only be called a truly awesome display of classics. Hit the jump to check out more pictures from the show!

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