Apr 16

American Muscle Car: The Plymouth Road Runner

It looks like it is going to be a Mopar kind of week here on IG. I’m sure you won’t mind. Yesterday we had the fastest new Challenger in the world. Tomorrow you can watch the live reveal of the brand new Dodge Challenger. (will the current Challenger still be called the new Challenger at that point?) Today we have some Road Runner video. The Plymouth Road Runner has to be one of the coolest cars of all time. Good looks, go fast performance, and a whimsy that only the Mopar crew could provide.
Today we have a 20+ minute feature on the Plymouth Road Runner from the American Muscle Car TV show. Sadly the show is not putting out any more new episodes. However all the episodes are on Netflix and many are on Youtube. You just have to do a little hunting. I saved you some trouble and the full episode commercial free is just after the jump.

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